NATO kills Afghan civilians again … again

While in Afghanistan officially “to be released” unindicted prisoners keep languishing in Bagram torture jail, elsewhere in Afghanistan NATO keeps killing civilians.

From Siasat Daily in India:

US-led troops kill 6 Afghan civilians

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Kabul, April 05: US-led foreign forces have shot dead at least six civilians and kidnapped five others in the troubled northern Afghanistan, officials say.

Afghan officials in Sari Pul Province say six people died when NATO forces raided the town of Sayyad,

Mir Hossein Sajjadi, governor of Sayyad district, says five other people have been abducted by foreign forces.

NATO says those killed in the raid were Taliban militants. Locals, however, reject the claim, saying the dead included two shepherds and two farmers.

Foreign forces also killed an Afghan shopkeeper near the capital Kabul on Monday.

Earlier foreign forces shot dead an Afghan couple in Zabul province on Sunday night at their home.

Afghan officials have frequently condemned NATO attacks on civilians calling for an end to such assaults.

Civilian casualties have always been a source of friction between the Afghan government and foreign troops, as Afghans blame foreign troops and their military operations for the increasing number of civilian casualties in the country.

About 150,000 foreign troops are currently stationed in Afghanistan.

American Militarism and the End(s) of Higher Education: here.

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