Libya war goes on

This video from the USA says about itself:

US Libya Intervention Is Aggression

Glen Ford: The US intervention does not have humanitarian objectives.

African union head Teodoro Obiang Nguema called for a ceasefire in Libya today, saying that the conflict was an internal problem: here.

In an important move, Unite, Britain’s biggest trade union, has called for an end to the air attacks on Libya: here. And here.

Statement against intervention in Libya from the Egyptian tax collectors’ union: here.

A Tunisian on the Libya intervention: were.

Libyan rebels deny offering Lockerbie compensation. Lawyer claims revolutionary leadership apologised over PanAm bombing and IRA attacks, while rebels accuse Nato of abandoning people to their deaths: here.

US, NATO allies join scramble for Libya’s oil: here.

Robert Naiman, Truthout: “Michigan Rep. John Conyers has put forward an initiative that has a very strong claim to majority support. Conyers plans to introduce an amendment to the next government funding bill – the Continuing Resolution – that would prevent appropriated funds from being used to fund any type of ground troop presence on Libyan territory. Together with Representatives Honda, Stark, and Woolsey, Representative Conyers is circulating a letter to his colleagues in support of this amendment. This position has strong majority support from Americans. Seven out of ten Americans oppose the use of US ground troops in Libya, according to a CNN poll. A recent Quinnipiac University poll found that by a margin of 61-30, voters say regime change in Libya is not worth having American troops ‘fight and possibly die’ for”: here.

Women flee Libyan unrest: here.

Migrant Boat Filled With Fleeing Libyans [Eritrean and Somali refugees from Libya, the article says] Sinks; Over 130 Missing: here.

Al-Qaida has exploited the Western-backed rebellion in Libya to bolster its presence in the country, Algerian Deputy Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel warned on Tuesday: here.

From initially seeking to protect civilians to now aiming for a swift, total victory in Libya, the mission creep that has characterized the Western powers’ military attack raises troubling questions about their Libyan strategy and the risks that it could end up creating — however inadvertently — a jihadist citadel at the southern doorsteps of Europe: here.

3 thoughts on “Libya war goes on

  1. The Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists have published a statement against Western intervention. They point to the hypocrisy of the West’s claims:

    “We did not hear the voice of the Security Council, the European Union, or the Americans, for decades while Gaddafi, and his like among the Arab regimes, suppressed their people.

    “They said nothing, so long as these regimes implemented the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund for the abolition of any social support for the poor, which was the only consolation for the Arab peoples.

    “For as long as companies kept open their doors to global capitalism they kept silent.

    “Intervention means the sacrifice of a few scapegoats, while working to contain the Arab revolutions… it is not to support democracy, but it is part of the counter-revolution.”


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