British government supports Bahrain dictatorship

This video is called Bahraini protesters fired upon.

By Scott Lucas:

Bahrain Snapshot: The New Look of the “Last Independent Newspaper”

Monday, April 4, 2011 at 7:58

For weeks, Bahraini authorities and their supporters have waged a campaign against Al Wasat, the only newspaper which is not connected with the Government. A steady “information” effort has accused the paper of lies and distortions, and its printing works were attacked by armed civilians last month, forcing a reduction in the newspaper’s number of pages.

On Saturday, after hours of “special” coverage on State TV denouncing Al Wasat, the newspaper was suspended by authorities. It was allowed to resume publication yesterday, after the board replaced the editor-in-chief, chief, and local news editor.

So what does the “new” Al Wasat look like?

Well, this morning, only two of its featured nine stories are about Bahrain: 1) The Ministry of Education reports on the “negative impact” on the educational process and threat to the safety of students from recent events challenging national unity, and 2) Why is the Ministry of Municipalities not developing some of the old public parks?

Oh, yes, there is also the lead item in Local News: “King Receives British Minister of Defence and Confirms Importance of Cooperation and Joint Defense”.

The name of that British dictatorship-supporting and Libya-bombing Conservative politician is Liam Fox.

What did Fox say, according to Gulf Daily News? He said:

BRITISH Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox urged Bahrain not to allow its reform process to be “hijacked by political extremists”.

Yeah right. If you don’t agree with an absolute monarchy whose idea of a “reform process” is violently attacking hospitals and bringing in murderous foreign occupation soldiers and mercenaries, that makes you not a democrat, but an “extremist” in the twisted upside down world view of Liam Fox.

Is Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News called after Liam Fox?

Rupert Murdoch’s UK newspaper admits to illegal spying: here. And here.

Britain was accused yesterday of misjudging the risk that arms exports to Middle Eastern and north African regimes would be used for internal repression: here.

As the tiny Persian Gulf archipelago kingdom of Bahrain enters its second month of widespread protests — with clashes on March 13 resulting in more than 1,000 being hospitalized and news that the government has brought in troops from neighbouring Saudi Arabia — a young gay Bahraini blogger offers insight into the sources of discontent there as well as alternative visions the demonstrators harbor: here.

Government repression of Bahraini activists inside and outside the Gulf state continues: here.

1,000+ Pakistanis been recruited in March 2011 alone while 1,500 more to be hired in next weeks, to suppress Bahrainis: here.

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