Jack snipe and wren

Today, again the “Baillon’s crake reserve”.

Fine photos, taken there today by Adri de Groot, of a jack snipe and other birds are here.

In the first canal near the entrance, a female common pochard, and grey lag geese.

In the next canal, two little grebes. Tufted ducks. Canada geese. A lapwing.

In the next canal, gadwall and male common pochard.

A coot swimming with a long reed stem in its bill. It brings the stem to the nest, where its partner is sitting (on eggs?).

In the southern lake, male and female teal and shoveler swimming. A few black-tailed godwits.

A redshank.

In the northern lake: hundreds of black-tailed godwits, lesser black-backed gulls, great cormorants.

On a fence, a wren singing.

This is a video of a singing wren.

On my side of the big northern canal, an oystercatcher. On the other bank, an Egyptian goose and a moorhen.

Shelducks flying past.

Three hares in the northern meadow.

In the northern part of the reserve, two adult grey lag geese followed by about ten small yellow goslings. The first goslings I have seen this year.

Greenfinch singing from the top of a coniferous tree.

Jack snipe at about the same spot as a few days ago. Is it the same individual? As it passes two common snipe, one can see that the jack snipe is smaller and has a shorter bill.

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