Japanese nuclear crisis gets worse

This video is called Fukushima Disaster-Will We Learn?

Japan: The Fukushima plant owner, TEPCO, has reportedly admitted for the first time that core pressure containers may be damaged: here.

Japan Crisis: Highest Radiation Levels Detected in Seawater: here.

Smoke Rises from DIFFERENT Nuclear Complex … 7 Miles from the Leaking Reactors: here.

By Tom Eley in the USA:

Obama fronts for US nuclear power industry

30 March 2011

In response to the ongoing nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan, several governments have either announced limitations to their nuclear energy programs or have made gestures toward greater regulation. Germany will scale back the number of plants in operation, Italy has put in place a one-year moratorium delaying plans to restart nuclear production, and Russia, France, and Spain have called for new international regulations on the industry and “stress tests” for existing plants. In most cases these measures are symbolic, aiming to ease popular concern over the possibility of similar catastrophes and shore up the credibility of the nuclear power industry.

Yet the Obama administration, virtually alone among governments of the nuclear-energy producing states, has gone out of its way to insist that no changes will be made outside of vague calls to “learn from” the crisis in Japan.

Guardian: From the archive, 30 March 1979: US nuclear plant leak worst ever: here.

Consequences of Fukushima: German Ports Unsure How to Deal with Contaminated Ships: here.

INDIA: Fukushima Revives Debate Over Nuclear Liability: here.

George Monbiot & Helen Caldicott debate the viability of nuclear energy. WATCH here.

Fukushima update: Recovery efforts stalled, as hotspot concerns grow: here.

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