Detroit musicians keep fighting

This video is called DSO on strike.

By Shannon Jones in the USA:

DSO management issues new ultimatum to musicians

30 March 2011

The management of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra told striking musicians Monday that if no settlement is reached by Friday, April 1 it plans to cancel the summer concert season and that fall concerts will be put in serious jeopardy.

DSO musicians have been on strike since October 4, resisting massive concession demands, including a more than 30 percent pay cut, with new musicians facing a cut of 42 percent.

The ultimatum by management comes even as DSO officials continue to rebuff requests by musicians for a resumption of negotiations. Haden McKay, a DSO cellist and principal spokesperson for the musicians told the World Socialist Web Site, “They are pushing and pushing us. They are saying ‘come back to the table’, but exactly on their terms.”

Musicians have already conceded to steep pay cuts and many other management demands. Differences still remain over issues related to work rules, including management’s proposal for community outreach. Earlier this month, DSO officials effectively rejected an offer by musicians to return to work under terms of management’s most recent proposal, while submitting outstanding issues to binding arbitration.

Facing a management imposed April 1 deadline for the cancellation of summer concerts, striking DSO musicians Wednesday picketed the quarterly board of directors meeting at Orchestra Hall: here.

Update 15 April 2011: here.

Update 7 June 2011: here.

4 thoughts on “Detroit musicians keep fighting

  1. Iceland Symphony Orchestra plan strike over new pay deal

    Iceland Symphony Orchestra planned to go on strike this week if its members could not resolve a new pay deal around a demand for a 36 percent wage increase.

    The Iceland Symphony Orchestra is an independent public institution under the Ministry of Education and its members are “technically public sector employees,” according to Ice News. “The Icelandic state has subpoenaed the orchestra union over whether or not the threatened strike has been organised in a legally-accountable manner,” the news site reported.


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