Highly radioactive water in Japan

This 2013 video is called Fukushima radiation leak level reaches new high, fish affected.

Japan: Further evidence emerged yesterday that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex was leaking significant quantities of highly radioactive water into areas outside the reactor containment buildings. The water was seriously impeding efforts to bring the situation at the plant under control and threatening to further contaminate the surrounding environment: here.

Plutonium found in soil outside Japanese nuke plant: here.

Japan faces up to failure of its earthquake preparations: here.

Robots designed to deal with nuclear accidents await duty in Europe while Japan asks: Where are ours? Here.

Hugh Gusterson, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: “As an anthropologist, I am always interested in what humans learn from their mistakes. Can humans change their behavior, thereby improving their chances of survival, not just through natural selection, but also through cultural learning? Or are we hardwired to repeat our mistakes over and over, like humanoid lemmings? More to the point, what lessons will we learn from the nuclear accident at Fukushima, an accident thought to be impossible just two weeks ago?” Here.

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    Many of the older nuclear reactors in the United States have the same flawed General Electric design as the Fukushima, Japan, plant that is facing ongoing radiation leakage.

    In fact, just in the last few hours, we have learned that one of the core reactors at Fukushima was apparently breached and that radioactive particles are contaminating sea water outside the containment area:

    Speculation surrounding the extent to which the radiation may be leaking into the Pacific Ocean was also mounting after tests last weekend found nearby seawater contaminated 1,850 above legal limits.

    More recent tests showed that this figure has dropped, although Hidehiko Nishiyama, a spokesman for the Nuclear and Industrial Agency said that he suspects radioactive water from the plant is leaking into the ocean.

    Yet, there is little active, visible protest in the US to the threat of nuclear power plants designed and run by private corporations for profit.

    Contrast that to the 200,000 protesters against nuclear energy who took to the streets this weekend in Germany.

    Despite radioactivity reported in the rain as far away as the East Coast of the US , the nuclear issue hasn’t reached a critical point of debate here.

    But it should, because the nuclear power lobbying industry is hard at work in Washington to make sure federal loan guarantees and subsidies come their way, along with immunity for damage done by a nuclear catastrophe.

    It will be too late to protest after a nuclear plant disaster in the US.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout


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