Big London march against Conservative government

This video from Britain is called March for the Alternative! 21 years of London Protests.

Hundreds of thousands of people are marching today in London against the cuts by the British Conservative government.

Live updates are here. And here.

Photos are here.

From British daily The Guardian:

Anti-cuts march swells to 400,000

London hosts largest protest since Iraq war as workers and public demonstrate against government spending cuts

A woman participant’s report: here.

This was the scene on the streets of London on Saturday when three-quarters of a million people staged the biggest protest yet in the fightback against the Tory-led coalition’s brutal cuts programme: here.

The Metropolitan Police refused to confirm today whether it had infiltrated Saturday’s demonstrations after BBC footage captured what appeared to be an undercover officer among protesters.

Big protests in England and Germany: here.

3 thoughts on “Big London march against Conservative government

  1. Trade unionists defy cuts drive

    Ireland: Trade unionists led a 6,000-strong rally in front of Belfast City Hall on Saturday to demand an end to Con-Dem cuts and the introduction of a “tax system which rewards hard work and not idle speculation.”

    Addressing the crowd, Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) assistant general secretary Peter Bunting said: “Austerity means poverty for the already poor and the millions who are threatened by poverty, with frozen wages and inflation soaring and stealth taxes for those who cannot afford any more pain.

    “Let those who created the crisis, pay for the crisis – let us have a tax system which rewards hard work and not idle speculation.”


    Hundreds rally for unions in New York

    United States: The centennial commemoration of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire that killed 146 workers in New York became a rally for embattled organised labour on Friday, as hundreds marched and vowed to resist efforts in state capitals across the country to weaken unions.

    The rally in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighbourhood took place outside the former factory building, which burned on March 25, 1911.

    The Triangle fire – one of the deadliest industrial disasters in US history – helped to galvanise the US labour movement.

    The victims were mostly young immigrant Jewish and Italian women, many of whom jumped to their death to escape the flames. The tragedy prompted fire safety improvements across the US, such as sprinkler installation and laws requiring fire drills.


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