German minister plays xenophobia card

This video says about itself:

Singing for Jimmy C who is hospitalized after racial attack in Germany

Jan 4, 2013

Elijohn Kariuki from Kenya took the microphone to sing for his best friend Jimmy C who was attacked by three Neonazis while working in a popular Discotheque in the German capital city of Berlin Q-Dorf. Jimmy sustained serious injury on the right eye and Doctors are struggling to save his eye sight from a deep wound which the three attackers inflicted on him using a bottle.

The anti racist groups in Germany organized a demonstration today to express their solidarity with Jimmy C. near the Discotheque. He is still struggling with pain in a German hospital while the police is looking for witnesses who might have seen the attackers on that very night.

Racial Xenophobia is still deeply rooted in Germany. Over a year ago the German Government came across a hidden crime ring in which Neonazis went on rampage to kill foreign business men from Turkey and Greece and one German police lady whose death is still a mistery on the police archives. The lime light of the terror group came after two of the Neonazis committed suicide in Zwickau.

In an interview with the British Guardian newspaper, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble joined those in the German political establishment and media who have sought to scapegoat immigrant workers: here.

Jackbooted members of the neofascist Jobbik party led a torchlight demonstration in the Hungarian village of Hejoszalonta on Saturday night against “Gypsy crime”: here.

21 thoughts on “German minister plays xenophobia card

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