Fukushima nuclear disaster continues

This video is called Nuclear Stability? Radiation traces in tap water & food in Japan.

Nearly a fortnight after Japan’s north east coast was devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami, the country and wider region remain under threat from the nuclear disaster in Fukushima. Radioactive contamination is leaking from at least one of the reactor cores, while the state of the highly toxic spent fuel rods stored in water pools remains unclear. Authorities have now warned the 13 million people of Tokyo not to allow their children to drink the irradiated water supply: here.

Decreasing support for nuclear power in the U.S.: here.

The events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant are slipping off the front pages, but the situation in is still not under control: here.

This music video is Crass- Contaminational Power. Lyrics are here.

Letter from Berlin: Fukushima May Spell Failure for Merkel in Sunday Vote: here.

This is a Dutch TV video on the tsunami and reactor damage in Japan.

Corrosive salt from seawater may be adding to problems at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, damaged two weeks ago by the megaquake and tsunami in Japan: here.

4 thoughts on “Fukushima nuclear disaster continues

  1. Feeder to donate profits to Japan

    Appeal: North Wales rock band Feeder said today that they are to donate all profits from their new single Side By Side to the British Red Cross Japan tsunami appeal.

    The three-piece, whose hits include Buck Rogers and Tumble And Fall, said that they wanted to express their “feelings and sympathy” to Japan through their music as they have close ties with the country.

    Bass player Taka Hirose, who is from Gifu, near Nagoya, said: “Can you please help the people in my country by supporting this single? They and I will be so grateful.”



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