Japanese nuclear crisis continues


Above limit radiation found in Tokyo tap water: here. And here.

Discovery Earth: Tokyo Water Deemed Unsafe, Food Bans Imposed: here.

Rising black smoke forced another evacuation of workers trying to stabilise Japan‘s radiation-leaking Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant today: here.

Fukushima Global Fallout Dispersion Animation Update: here.

H. Patricia Hynes, Truthout: “As I write, there are explosions and fires at four of six reactors in the Daiichi nuclear complex. Japan is living a nuclear nightmare that is not supposed to happen, according to the industry’s optimists. Prior to this catastrophe, the unholy alliance of the International Atomic Energy Association, national governments and the nuclear industry/lobby has been trumpeting a ‘nuclear renaissance’ for this ‘clean’ and ‘safe’ energy”.

Russ Wellen, Foreign Policy in Focus: “The light shining on the safety of nuclear energy as a result of the Japanese nuclear crisis has been of such powerful wattage that it’s even flushing safety issues with nuclear weapons labs and manufacturing facilities out of hiding. Roger Snodgrass reports for the Santa Fe New Mexican. ‘On Friday, President Barack Obama asked the independent Nuclear Regulatory Commission to review the safety of American nuclear power plants…. At Los Alamos National Laboratory, nuclear safety issues have been complicated with seismic concerns, as geological studies have uncovered an increasingly precarious underground structure'”.

Unfortunately, there are whale and dolphin killers in Japan; like in some other countries like Norway. Fortunately, there are also people in Japan who care about animals. This video shows photos about helping a baby dolphin, washed inland during the tsunami.

5 thoughts on “Japanese nuclear crisis continues

  1. 1-year moratorium on nuclear plans

    ITALY: The government has put a one-year moratorium on plans to revive nuclear energy in a country that shut down its reactors more than 20 years ago.

    Premier Silvio Berusconi’s cabinet approved the moratorium today.

    Italians rejected nuclear power in 1987 following the Chernobyl disaster, forcing the shutdown of its two working plants, but the Berlusconi government had pledged to revive it.

    Opponents say the moratorium is a ruse to delay a referendum until memories of the Japan disaster have dimmed.



  2. Nuke referendum possible for Poles

    POLAND: Prime Minister Donald Tusk said today that the country could call a referendum on whether to build nuclear plants.

    Mr Tusk said he would not rule out such a referendum in the wake of Japan’s Fukushima disaster.

    A majority of Poles favour plans to build Poland’s first-ever nuclear power plants over the next decade.

    But the Japanese tragedy has sparked debates on the issue.



  3. Anti-nuke activists against new parks

    UNITED STATES: Anti-nuclear campaigners have pledged to resist plans to create national parks at the Los Alamos national laboratory and two other sites where the world’s first nuclear weapons were developed.

    Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has recommended the idea as a public commemoration of the Manhattan Project, which developed the atom bomb.

    Greg Mello of anti-nuclear watchdog the Los Alamos Study Group asked: “Are we really to make parks where we built instruments of mass murder, delivered to politicians the instruments of universal destruction and destroyed the marriage between science and human values?”



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