Badgers crossing water, video

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Extraordinary situation where badgers walk to and fro an island using floating trees. Filmed with automatic wildlife camera Bolyguard 5.0. Jaap Mulder.

Badger culling in Britain: here.

UK badger culling plans could kill tens of thousands of the animals, worsen the cattle tuberculosis problem, and put the country in breach of a European wildlife treaty, advisers have warned: here.

Welsh Assembly abandons badger cull in favour of vaccination programme: here.

Caroline Spelman’s proposed badger cull to halt the rise of TB in cattle will in fact spread the disease, campaigners will tell the High Court tomorrow: here.

Often described as cute, American Badgers are actually ferocious predators that can claw through dirt faster than a person using a shovel: here.

The Ulster Farmers Union (UFU) has called on any of its members who are aware of badger baiting on their farms to report it to the police: here.

6 thoughts on “Badgers crossing water, video

  1. Badgers to get TB vaccine from trust

    ENVIRONMENT: A wildlife trust become one of the first private organisations to vaccinate badgers against bovine tuberculosis today.

    The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust has used private donations to pay for a vaccination trial at its nature reserves in the Stroud Valleys.

    The trial aims to demonstrate that vaccines can be a viable alternative to culling badgers, which spread TB to cattle, amid ongoing controversy over dealing with the disease which damages farmers’ livelihoods and costs millions to tackle each year.


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