Bahrain pro-democracy movement continues

This video says about itself:

Thousands of people in Bahrain have defied a government ban on public gatherings to mourn the death of a protester who was killed in Wednesday’s violence.

Meanwhile, authorities have demolished a statue in Pearl Roundabout, as part of its effort to crack down on anti-government protesters.

Al Jazeera’s special correspondent filed this report from Manama. (Mar 19, 2011)

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CNN’s Leone Lakhani goes inside a Bahrain hospital where doctors say the military has raided the complex: here.

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The United States should immediately suspend military assistance to Yemen until President Ali Abdullah Saleh ends attacks on largely peaceful anti-government protesters and prosecutes those responsible, Human Rights Watch said today: here.

Al-Jazeera correspondents departed from Yemen: here.

USA: No Coverage Zone: Media Ignores Brutal Crackdowns By US Allies Bahrain And Yemen: here.

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