Yemen massacre troops trained by US General Petraeus

This video is called US Supports Yemen Dictator.

This video is called Mourning Slain Protestors in Yemen.

As the dictator of Yemen’s forces keep butchering pro-democracy demonstratorsfrom daily The Guardian in Britain:

General Petraeus ‘offered training to Yemeni forces

WikiLeaks diplomatic cables claim US general offered counter-terrorist training and facilitated provision of tanks from Jordan

* Robert Booth
* Friday 18 March 2011 19.31 GMT

A top American general was involved in supplying Yemeni forces with counter-terrorist training in order to help the regime “independently conduct counter terror operations”, according to US diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks.

General Petraeus, President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Yemeni military agreed to increase the tempo of cooperation and training at a meeting in Sana’a in August 2009. Petraeus also facilitated the provision to Yemen’s military of 25 M-113 armored personnel vehicles from Jordan.

The general then sent the head of the US military’s special operations command centre to Sana’a to discuss their counter-terror cooperation in detail and he advised on training opportunities with US allies in the region, the cables reveal.

President Saleh, Yemeni Air Force (YAF) Commander Muhammad Saleh al-Ahmar and Republican Guard commander Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh all responded positively to Petraeus’ suggestion that Yemen’s military take advantage of training opportunities at the King Abdullah Special Operations training centre in Amman and the al-Dhafra Air Warfare centre in the United Arab Emirates.

US ambassador Stephen Seche remarked that Saleh was apparently keen on the counter-terror training from the US because of “the threat it [terrorist presence] poses to his regime and his own personal security”.

Bahrain: the butchery of democracy dream: here.

OPPOSITION LEADERS ARRESTED IN BAHRAIN CRACKDOWN – as Tunisians protest against Clinton visit: here.

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