Yemen dictatorship’s bloodbath

This video is called Yemen protest video.

Yemen protest turns deadly: Thirty killed and scores wounded as government security forces open fire on anti-government demonstrators: here.

Will Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Cameron, etc. now threaten to bomb Yemen, like they did to Libya? I don’t think so. The dictator Saleh in Yemen is an ally of the self-styled “free world”. Like dictator Gadaffi was, until extremely recently.

From Twitter:

No UN resolution over Yemen massacres. But there is plenty of Western intervention – arming Saleh and the Saudis.

Yemen president imposes state of emergency as violence spreads: 42 shot dead in capital, hundreds wounded: here.

Bahrain Police fire birdshot pellets at CBS journalists and then smashed up their car: here.

The “father of the blogosphere” in Bahrain goes missing. Family home raided: here.

Appeal from Bahraini writers against government violence: here.

4 thoughts on “Yemen dictatorship’s bloodbath

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