Foreign airstrikes on Libya help oil bosses, hurt democracy

Gadaffi and Sarkozy meet as friends in Paris in 2007

The United Nations Security Council has decided in favour of airstrikes on Libya.

Officially, airstrikes against the Gadaffi dictatorship. In practice, now Libyan civilians who have nothing to do with Gadaffi, will die. As “collateral damage”, as over a million Iraqis have died already.

Who is said to participate in this “humanitarian” air war on Libya?

The USA, of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

The France of Nicolas Sarkozy, elected with the help of money … of the Gadaffi dictatorship. The Sarkozy government, the best friends of dictators Ben Ali of Tunisia and Mubarak of Egypt; up to the moment that the people drove them away.

The British Conservative government which desperately wants people to forget the close ties between the British political establishment, British arms manufacturers, an oil corporation like BP, on the one hand, and the Gadaffi dictatorship on the other hand.

The Italy of Silvio Berlusconi, extremely close to Gadaffi just weeks ago.

Who is said to give this humanitarian intervention aggression an “Arab” flavour?

The armed forces of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Both absolute monarchies, hardly more democratic than Gadaffi. Both armed forces are also now in Bahrain, helping with the bloody suppression of the local pro-democracy movement by foreign soldiers.

Does anyone really believe that the foreign invaders will treat pro-democracy Libyan people any better than they do Bahraini ones? If, for instance, Libyan democrats don’t want to give corporations like BP access to Libyan oil on at least as generous terms as Gadaffi did?

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