Bloody repression in Bahrain

This video is called Violent response to Bahrain protest.

By Tom Eley:

US ally Bahrain orders bloody crackdown on protesters

18 March 2011

While the US prepares to launch military strikes against Libya under cover of the claim that it is intervening to protect the population, its ally Bahrain has intensified its brutal crackdown on peaceful demonstrators in the oil-rich Persian Gulf state.

On Wednesday, Bahraini security forces launched a military operation to clear hundreds of demonstrators from Pearl Square in Manama, the day after 2,000 soldiers and police from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) entered the country to back the feudal regime. At least three demonstrators were killed in the operation, and hundreds more sustained injuries severe enough to require medical treatment at hospitals and clinics.

Security forces also attacked hospitals they allege to be havens of opposition activity—a clear violation of internationally recognized rules of engagement that prohibit military action against hospitals and health care workers. Naim Hospital and Jidhafs Maternity Hospital were closed on orders of the interior ministry. Salmaniya Hospital was seized and placed under the control of the military, and doctors say that wounded protesters were then denied treatment. Police fired on the privately held International Hospital of Bahrain. Five doctors who attempted to reach a health care clinic after the assault on Pearl Square say that they were removed from their cars and severely beaten by officers.

The United Nations issued a statement calling the hospital takeovers “shocking” and “a blatant violation of international law.”

The double standard could not be more stark. Those Arab governments who just this week sent troops into Bahrain to oppose peaceful pro-democracy demonstators, and who have shot unarmed people down in the streets, have now supported Western military action against Libya, to protect a pro-democracy rebellion, and to defend the innocents: here.

Bahrain Feature: The US Support of Bullets and Blackhawks: here.

6 thoughts on “Bloody repression in Bahrain

  1. Regime arrests protest leaders

    Bahrain: The Khalifa regime ignored a US call to negotiate with democracy protesters on Thursday and arrested at least seven opposition leaders in pre-dawn raids.

    “I saw men in black pointing a machine gun at my husband saying just one thing: ‘We are from the state security’,” said Farida Guhlam, wife of Ibrahim Sharif, the general secretary of the left-wing National Democratic Action Society.

    The government said that those arrested were members of a “sedition ring” who had “intelligence contacts with foreign countries.”


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