Japan’s nuclear crisis continues

This video is called Explosion At Fukushima (Plutonium Fueled) Reactor Number 3 [14.03.11].

Anatomy of the Fukushima nuclear crisis: here.

Fukushima Will Be Wasteland: here.

Water on Fukushima fuel/ radiation levels remain elevated: here.

Neither the Japanese government nor the utility company TEPCO are giving trustworthy accounts of the dimensions of the crisis: here.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) is the conglomerate at the centre of Japan’s nuclear radiation emergency at Fukushima. Its operations over the past several decades epitomise the government-backed pursuit of corporate profit, at the direct expense of lives, health and safety: here.

Fukushima nuclear plant owner falsified inspection records: here.

Tsunami survivors endure freezing conditions and food shortages: here.

Updated death totals for the earthquake, via AFP: 5,178 people dead, 8,606 missing – BBC: here.

Tokyo endured more rolling blackouts today and was facing at least six months of power shortages as earthquake damage to nuclear plants knocked out factories, with possible global repercussions: here.

US Energy Secretary Steven Chu reiterated the Obama administration’s commitment to nuclear power, despite the calamitous events in Japan, at hearings before congressional committees March 15 and 16: here.

At California Nuclear Plant, Earthquake Response Plan Not Required: here.

Map: General Electric [builders of the Japan disaster reactors] Nuclear Reactors in the US; The Nation: here.

End Nuclear Power Before it Ends Us: Harvey Wasserman Exclusively for BuzzFlash at Truthout: here.

Nuclear Energy Advocates Insist U.S. Reactors Completely Safe Unless Something Bad Happens: here.

Japan’s Nuclear Nightmare Arouses French Fears: here.

Some German wildlife still radioactive 25 years after Chernobyl: here.

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