Japanese nuclear disaster continues

This video is called Fears over Japan nuclear fallout.

Chernobyl Can Teach Japan About Limiting Radiation Exposure: here.

Fukushima Radiation Update: here.

Quake Question #1: How Far Will the Radiation Spread? Here.

Quake Question #2: Are Underground Tsunami Shelters a Good Idea? Here.

Quake Question #3: Could the Japan Quake Trigger Other Quakes Across the Globe? Here.

Quake Question #4: What Is the Impact on Wildlife? Here.

Quake Question #5: What Effect Will the Radiation Have on the Japanese? Here.

Quake Question #6: Is Climate Change Responsible? Here.

Quake Question #7: What Prevents a Spent Fuel Rods Fire? Here.

Quake Question #8: What Impact Will the Radiation Have on Marine Life? Here.

Germany Closes 7 Aging Nuclear Plants as EU Calls for Nuclear Plant Stress Tests: here.

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