Japanese nuclear disaster worsens

This video is called Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant Reactor 3 explosion on March 14, 2011.

Where to find good information on the nuclear crisis in Fukushima: here.

Japan doubles nuke workers’ legal radiation dose amid race to prevent nuclear crisis: here.

Exodus: New Radiation Fears Force Thousands Out: here.

Japan warned about nuclear safety years ago, reveals WikiLeaks: here.

Does Japan crisis mean the end of the corporate media’s “nuclear renaissance”? Here.

Tepco, Security Sacrificed on the Altar of Profit: here.

This is unnerving. TEPCO says a nuclear chain reaction could restart at Fukushima.

Japan quake location a surprise: here.

Japan’s neighbours ordered strengthened radiation monitoring of shipments from the earthquake-stricken country today: here.

Britain: If ever there was a reason to stop the proposed Hinkley Point nuclear power station – just 15 miles from the south Wales coast and the capital – it is the threatened meltdown of Japan’s nuclear power plants crippled after the earthquake and tsunami: here.

Vigil in London: here.

US president Barack Obama leaped to the defence of the nuclear energy industry on Tuesday, in the wake of the accident in Japan where a nuclear power plant leaked radiation following the earthquake and tsunami.

USA: At California nuclear plant, emergency response plans don’t include earthquakes: here.

USA: Limbaugh mocks Japanese disaster, suggests Japan was struck on purpose because country was environmentally aware: here.

1 thought on “Japanese nuclear disaster worsens


    In the potential catastrophic disaster brewing in Japan, there is a lesson to be learned.

    The corporations that determine government policy, here and abroad, put our lives and money on the line, not theirs.

    Nuclear plants get subsidies in the US and elsewhere; taxpayers subsidize GE, one of Obama’s favorite companies – a business that didn’t even pay any US taxes in a recent year.

    But when the nuclear sites melt down, don’t expect Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE, to be running in and exposing himself to likely lethal radiation in a last-ditch effort to prevent a catastrophe with potentially worldwide implications.

    Fifty workers are shortening the lease on their lives by trying to get just one of the four Japanese power plants in crisis under control. According to Harvey Wasserman, who has been warning about the lethal dangers of nuclear power on BuzzFlash and Truthout for years:

    The workers who do this are incomparably brave. They remind us, tragically, of some 800,000 Chernobyl “Liquidators.” These were Soviet draftees who were sent into that seething ruin for 60 or 90 seconds each to quickly perform some menial task and then run out.

    When I first read that number – 800,000 – I thought it was a typographical error. But after attending that 1996 conference in Kiev, I spoke in the Russian city of Kaliningrad and met with dozens of these Chernobyl veterans. They tearfully assured me it was accurate. They were angry beyond all measure. They had been promised they would not encounter health problems. But now they were dying in droves.

    The CEOs get to run crisis PR for GE, defending an indefensible design. The workers expose themselves to lethal radiation to save Immelt’s lifestyle and protect the rest of us. Who deserves the greater pay?

    But this is not just about con men who rake in billions, export jobs and pay the least wages possible to workers.

    No, this is about letting these people get away with risking our lives, not just our money.

    This is about potential negligence leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, as it did at Chernobyl. This is about enabling the entrenched elite playing a monopoly game with death, those of the people of Japan and ours here in the US.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout


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