Japanese nuclear crisis worsens

This video is called “This Could Become Chernobyl on Steroids”: Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen on Japan’s Growing Nuclear Crisis.

Several nuclear reactors in Japan’s stricken Fukushima nuclear facility remain at risk of total meltdown, following a series of explosions and fires. On Wednesday afternoon, the Japanese government suspended operations at the facility due to a surge in radiation. This temporarily halted the desperate attempts of workers to contain the disaster: here.

By Patrick Martin in the USA:

Who is responsible for the nuclear catastrophe in Japan? …

The Japanese prime minister declared that the country faces its greatest disaster since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The US and international media have used words like “catastrophe” to describe the conditions in Japan, pointing out that the Japanese nuclear breakdown could ultimately exceed Chernobyl in its long-term impact.

In a particularly chilling article, the New York Times recalled a 1997 study by the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island that analyzed the potential consequences of an uncontrolled disaster involving spent fuel in a reactor cooling pool. According to the Times, “It estimated 100 quick deaths would occur within a range of 500 miles and 138,000 eventual deaths. The study also found that land over 2,170 miles would be contaminated and damages would hit $546 billion. That section of the Brookhaven study focused on boiling water reactors—the kind at the heart of the Japanese crisis.”

The 9.0 earthquake near Sendai, the worst ever to hit Japan, was a product of nature, and the tidal wave that struck the coast was its immediate and unavoidable consequence. But the ensuing nuclear events are the results of social forces, not the collision of tectonic plates. Once again, the capitalist system has brought the world to the brink of disaster, and in the process the corporate ruling elite has demonstrated its complete recklessness and irresponsibility. …

The events in Japan show that the main danger of nuclear devastation comes from the workings of the capitalist economic system, not terrorism. It is Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), Toshiba and General Electric whose operations are today threatening to lay waste to Japan.

TEPCO is notorious in Japan for its record of covering up safety problems at its nuclear reactors. Toshiba built the Fukushima complex from a design by General Electric that, according to the New York Times, was marketed as “cheaper and easier to build—in part because they used a comparatively smaller and less expensive containment structure.”

Governor of Fukushima warns of spreading panic, fuel shortages. Rad rates outside the plant announced. Updated post: here.

Fukushima spent fuel threat rises/Boric acid shortage: here.

From Japan (Again): A Warning to the World: here.

Nuclear Experts: Japan Nuclear Disaster Unprecedented — No Way to Know About US Impact: here.

Share markets slide in response to Japan disaster: here.

The German government has responded to the nuclear disaster in Japan by doing a panicky about-face in its nuclear policy. The main concern of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to drum up support for her ailing party in important state elections that will take place over the next two weekends: here.

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