Butchery in Bahrain

This video from Bahrain says about itself:

Bahrain Police are destroying the country, not Shia’a Not Sunna, but the Police… Whyyyyyy?????!!!!


WHY BAHRAIN TV is not showing the TRUTH?????? whyyyyyy??

Backed By Saudi Police, Bahrain’s King Declares Martial Law: here.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Unsurpassed hypocrisy

Wednesday 16 March 2011

The Bahraini monarchy’s employment of Saudi troops to drive peaceful protesters from Pearl Square in the capital Manama, using tanks and helicopters, is a declaration of intent.

Coupled with hereditary ruler Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa’s declaration of martial law for three months, it indicates that the autocracy is determined to hold on to absolute power and to slaughter its citizens who oppose this position.

The determination of the Bahraini people to oust this feudal relic and to build a democratic republic ought to win universal support.

But the implications for imperialism’s domination of the region of a further step in the direction of popular sovereignty and democratic accountability are serious.

The fact that all six countries in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) – Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates – have united to crush people’s protests in Manama sums up their common denominators.

They all have huge oil and gas deposits and they want nothing to do with democracy.

To that could be added their long-term military alliance with the US, expressed in Bahrain’s location as the home base of the US Fifth Fleet.

While lecturing the rest of the world on the need for democracy and human rights, Washington has spared the GCC states the denunciation that it reserves for such countries as Cuba and Venezuela that reject the US model.

With regard to these platinum-plated dictatorships, US governments have always stressed their stability and security rather than observance of democratic norms.

However, their stability is less credibility now that the Khalifa dynasty has opted for bloody repression to curtail protests, as have US-allied regimes in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

These GCC states condemned Libya‘s Gadaffi regime as “illegitimate” last week for deploying military force against its own citizens.

They were right to do so then, which condemns their own actions now.

Their hypocrisy is matched by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s comments on Bahrain.

“The people’s demands for change must be respected. How is it possible to stop waves of humanity with military force?” asked the man responsible for unleashing violence against peaceful protesters in Iran and carrying out dozens of executions earlier this year to intimidate them.

But nothing surpasses the hypocrisy of US imperialism and its allies, headed by Britain and France.

These are the countries responsible for flooding the region with arms.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy demands a no-fly zone in Libya, ignoring his country’s sale of Mirage jets to the Gadaffi regime, while David Cameron thought it appropriate to surround himself with arms salesmen during his recent visit to the region.

And Amnesty International has exposed the origins of weaponry used by Bahrain’s monarchy to kill and wound demonstrators at Pearl Square last month.

In its report Bloodied but Unbowed: Unwarranted State Violence Against Bahraini Protesters, published tomorrow, Amnesty identifies US-made tear gas canisters and rubber multi-baton rounds and French-made tear gas grenades and rubber “dispersion” grenades, which fragment into 18 pieces and produce a loud sound effect.

It notes that Britain has licensed exports of tear gas, assault rifles and machine guns to Bahrain, some of which could have been used during recent repression.

International demands for democratic reform in all states in the region must be accompanied by suspension of exports of weaponry and “security” equipment that is being used to hold back the forces of change.

This video is called Face To Face Shooting in Bahrain- alwefaqtube.

Bahrain faces ‘war of annihilation’: here.

Bahraini protesters tell Amnesty of bloodshed as crackdown escalates including blocked access to hospitals: here.

Videos and Pictures of 16 March Attack in Bahrain: here.

Bahrain: State-Organised Murder on the Streets of Bahrain: here.

US bullets in Bahraini guns? Nick Turse lays it all out in “America’s Bahrain Cop-Out”: here.

From the USA: Watch these videos of protesters being murdered in Bahrain, then remember, Hillary Clinton green-lighted the use of Saudi forces there. Our hypocrisy is equalled only by the stupidity of our foreign policy agenda: here.

Reuters Arabic reports that the Saudi invasion of Bahrain on Monday has inflamed sectarian passions in Iraq. Likewise it has angered Iran, which openly condemned the move: here.

Protesters scaled the Libyan embassy building in London today and staged a rooftop demonstration: here.

One of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi’s sons has asked French President Nicolas Sarkozy to return money allegedly used to finance his 2007 election campaign. Seif al-Islam Kadhafi told Euronews that he would reveal details about Sarkozy’s financing by the Kadhafi regime, which would take him down: here.

18 thoughts on “Butchery in Bahrain

  1. Riot police crack down on activists

    BAHRAIN: Soldiers and riot police expelled hundreds of protesters from Pearl Square in Manama today, using tear gas and armoured vehicles to try to subdue the crowd.

    At least five people were killed as clashes flared across the kingdom.

    In another area of Bahrain, one witness described police in a village “hunting” Shi’ites.

    Security forces barred journalists and others from moving freely around the country a day after emergency rule was declared.


    Anti-government demo attacked

    SYRIA: Government supporters armed with batons have dispersed protesters calling for the release of political prisoners.

    It was the second time in two days that a small protest in Damascus has been forcefully dispersed.

    Witnesses said that about 100 people gathered near the Syrian Interior Ministry but fled when dozens of government supporters chased them with batons.



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