Bahrain, Yemen pro-democracy movements continue

This video is called “Bahrain is No Longer an Independent Country, It is Occupied by Saudi Forces”: Activist Says Pro-Democracy Protests Will Continue.

The government of King Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa has declared a three-month state of emergency in the Persian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain. Protests against the royal regime have grown since Friday, with large parts of the capital, Manama, held by anti-government demonstrators: here.

Security Forces Rout Protesters from Bahrain Square: here.

Several people reported killed in Bahrain clashes; reports that Pearl Square cleared: here.

Skynews: BAHRAIN: Hundreds Of Bahraini Police Launch Assault On Pro-Democracy Protesters In Capital Manama: here.

Bahrain [or: Saudi?] troops lay siege to protesters’ camp in Pearl Square; 2 reportedly killed: here.

Terrified of ‘eradication’ in Bahrain hospital: here.

New videos from Budaiya highway, Bahrain: APCs and soldiers on the street, choppers overhead, shooting can be heard: here.

Bahraini police kill two demonstrators in major assault on protest camp: here.

Amnesty: Bahrain and Saudi Arabia must rein in security forces: here.

Demonstrations, repression continue in Yemen: here.

Divisions between the major imperialist powers have stymied proposals spearheaded by Britain and France for direct military intervention in Libya: here.

Egyptian Secret Service Gallery of Rogues Part 20 – Named Agents: here.

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