Squirrel at owl nest video

This video from Britain says about itself:

A Grey Squirrel visits the Tawny Owls

Grey squirrels can present the biggest danger to the un-hatched eggs, the ensuing fight between the squirrel and the female as she repels it rather speedily from the box can result in broken eggs.

Tawny owl photos: here.

August 2011: Lancashire Wildlife Trust is urging the public to be vigilant after the deadly squirrel pox virus returned to the red squirrel stronghold on the Sefton coast: here.
Red squirrel photo: here.

September 2011. Two baby squirrels have been rescued by the Scottish SPCA after being found huddled together on the ground at a Scottish Highlands holiday home. Acorn, male, and Hazel, female, were discovered in a carport by residents at a cottage in Nethy Bridge, Speyside, in August: here.

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