Japanese nuclear crisis worsens

This video is about the Japanese Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Japan’s nuclear power plant crisis worsened today, even as the full horror of the death and destruction left by Friday’s earthquake and tsunami continued to emerge: here.

Blasts deepen Japan nuclear crisis: Third explosion deals another blow to Fukushima atomic plant after earthquake: here.

Nuclear crisis in Japan worsens and effects depend on wind: here.

Radiation-leak fears at Japan plant: here.

Japan: Second Explosion Rocks Fukushima Nuclear Plant: here.

Japan: Winds likely carrying radiation plume over Tokyo; positive radiation reading at US Navy base south of capital: here.

Possible ‘worse than meltdown’ scenario brewing at Japanese nuclear plant: here.

Cartoon: The Four Reactors: here.

What Happens During a Nuclear Meltdown? Here.

Japanese disaster’s economic fallout spreads globally: here.

Nukes: privatized profits, socialized risk: here.

The ‘new’ Newsweek debuted with ill-timed nuclear puffery: “Now Is the Time for the Next Atomic Boom”: here.

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