Pro-democracy mass movements continue

This video is called Yemen Military comitted massacre in Aden south Yemen.

Police fired live bullets and tear gas at democracy activists across Yemen at the weekend, killing at least ten and wounding over 100: here.

Hundreds of Saudi subjects were allowed to protest outside the Interior Ministry on Sunday to demand the release of political prisoners in the largest demonstration in Riyadh in years: here.

After Day of Clashes, Saudi Arabia Troops Enter Bahrain: here.

Canada: Tomorrow in Toronto: Support the Libyan revolution, not military intervention: here.

4 thoughts on “Pro-democracy mass movements continue

  1. Ex-Ali advisers are detained

    Tunisia: Authorities detained three senior officials at the weekend who were close to ousted president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, including two of his top advisers.

    The three, who had been placed under house arrest shortly after Mr Ben Ali was toppled on January 14, were accused of embezzlement and abuse of power, according to a source.

    Among them was Abdelaziz bin Dhia, Mr Ben Ali’s main political adviser, and Abdelwahhab Abdalla, another top aide who was in charge of monitoring the media.


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