Pro-democracy fight continues in Yemen, Egypt

This video is called Anti-government protesters killed in Yemen.

Violent crackdown against mass demonstrations in Yemen: here.

TIME’s reporter in Yemen has been deported along with other foreign journalists: here.

Protests continue against threat of counter-revolution in Egypt: here.

Tension as Bahrain awaits protests: here.

Saudi Arabian forces prepare to enter Bahrain after day of clashes: here. And here.

Britain: William Hague has come under increasing pressure in the last few weeks, criticised for a series of blunders over Libya, Egypt and the whole Middle East, culminating in the disastrous SAS mission, which further unravelled yesterday, The Sunday Times reportingthat rebels had accessed secret MoD computer codes on “scraps of paper” captured from operatives on the bungled operation, described by one expert as “so inept, it is unbelievable”: here. And here.

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