Japan’s nuclear, earthquake, tsunami, volcanic disasters

This video is called Huge explosion at Japan nuclear plant.

The earthquake and tsunami that battered northern Japan on Friday set in motion one of the worst nuclear accidents in over two decades: here.

Japanese nuclear crisis spreads to two more plants: here.

Japan’s nuclear crisis intensified today as authorities raced to combat the threat of multiple reactor meltdowns and more than 170,000 people evacuated the quake- and tsunami-ravaged north-east coast: here.

Japan: interactive graphic on crisis at Fukushima nuclear plant: here.

This Dutch TV video is about Fukushima nuclear plant.

Latest on Japan nuclear crisis: 2 reactors presumed in “partial meltdown.” 4 others with serious cooling problems: here.

Japanese officials are acting on the assumption that a meltdown could be underway: here.

This music video about a nuclear accident in the USA is called Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson- We Almost Lost Detroit– Bridges.

Read about the health effects of radiation exposure: here.

Disaster in Japan: Live blog: Latest updates as earthquake-stricken Japan faces an urgent nuclear crisis on top: here.

Sixty thousand people formed a 28-mile human chain between the Neckarwestheim nuclear plant and Stuttgart on Saturday to protest against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s drive to extend the life of Germany’s nuclear power stations: here.

A seismologist at the University of Tokyo recounts his day on Friday: here.

Japan tsunami brings back grief for those who survived 2004 disaster: here.

The Shinmoedake volcano in Japan’s Kyushu has erupted two days after the massive earthquake and tsunami that left more than 10,000 people dead, reports said on Sunday. There was no confirmation on whether the eruption was related to Friday’s quake: here.

10 Tsunamis That Changed History: here.

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