Pro-democracy protest in Kuwait

This video says about itself:

Hundreds of ex-pat Asians have gone on strike in Kuwait. The mostly Bangladeshi workforce is asking for better pay and better working conditions for the thousands of Asians working here.

But it resulted in the Kuwaiti police beating the workers, keeping them in the detention center and later deporting them without pay for months. Isn’t this an Abuse of Power???? Human Rights Violation?????????

From Al Jazeera:

Youth groups to protest in Kuwait

Protesters urging the prime minister to step down plan to hold unauthorised action in oil-rich Gulf state.

Last Modified: 08 Mar 2011 11:03 GMT

Youth groups in Kuwait are planning to hold demonstrations calling for the resignation of the prime minister, and for greater political freedoms.

A group called the Fifth Fence has urged followers on the social networking site Twitter to take to the streets on Tuesday as parliament holds its first session in six weeks.

They are urging Sheikh Nasser Mohammad al-Ahmad al-Sabah, the prime minister, to step down, after five years in power.

The al-Sabah family has ruled the small Gulf state for more than 250 years, and political parties are banned.

“The first step toward reform is forming a new government under a new prime minister that should be capable of running the country and reforming imbalances,” the nationalist Popular Action Bloc said in a statement last week.

However demonstrations are banned in Kuwait without prior approval, which has not been gained for Tuesday’s action.

The demonstration comes as protests across the Middle East and Arab states continue.

Kuwait has already seen some protests from stateless Arabs, known as bidoon, who are demanding citizenship.

Politicians have promised to discuss a draft law in parliament on Tuesday that would grant them basic civil rights.

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