US, Czech, Swazi workers fight for their rights

This video is called ‘America Is NOT Broke’: Michael Moore Speaks in Madison, WI — March 5, 2011.

USA: Progressive film-maker Michael Moore urged Wisconsin residents on Saturday to keep up the “historic” fight against the Republican drive to rob public-sector staff of their collective bargaining rights: here.

Wisconsin’s war on women: here.

While Wisconsin rages, Ohio bleeds: here.

Workers packed into Prague’s Republic Square on Saturday to rally against the right-wing Czech government’s plan to privatise their pensions and bump up VAT: here.

Teachers in Swaziland agreed on Saturday to spearhead a popular uprising to boot out King Mswati III’ s administration if it hits them with a threatened three-year public-sector pay freeze: here.

Swaziland: Eviction case could pull the rug from under absolute monarchy: here.

Swaziland: Protesters Plan to Bring Capital to Standstill: here.

Wales: Thousands of trade unionists marched through the Cardiff sunshine at the weekend, telling Con-Dem coalition leaders Nick Clegg and David Cameron to end their cuts programme: here.

10 thoughts on “US, Czech, Swazi workers fight for their rights

  1. Nurses strike over unpaid overtime

    Swaziland: Hospitals closed for three days last week when nurses went on strike to press the monarchical regime to stump up overdue overtime payments, the Swaziland Nurses Association (SNA) reported at the weekend.

    SNA general secretary Bheki Mamba said that union members had decided to take strike action – which will resume this week – because the government had failed to deliver overtime allowances that were due in January.


  2. Police chief under fire for raid

    Czech Republic: Defence Minister Alexandr Vondra suspended military police chief General Vladimir Lozka on Saturday after masked soldiers armed with assault rifles raided Czech public television, seizing computers, documents and other items.

    In the Friday raid about 10 military police stormed Czech Television in search of a report that led to the dismissal of former military intelligence head Miroslav Krejcik in 2007.

    Czech Television said it had filed a criminal complaint against the military police for abuse of authority.


  3. Disabled protest at welfare cuts

    CZECH REPUBLIC: Disabled citizens staged a protest outside the Labour and Social Affairs Ministry in Prague today against the right-wing government’s attack on their welfare support.

    PM Petr Necas is pushing a draft reform which would abolish reserved parking places for people with disabilities, along with public transport and health care subsidies.

    Protesters were bolstered todya by support from the Bohemian-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions, which recently launched a media campaign — “Open your eyes” — to expose the socially regressive character of Mr Necas’s austerity agenda.


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