United States workers fight on

This video from the USA says about itself:

Listen to Citizen Action of Wisconsin‘s new radio ad which exposes Scott Walker’s connection to the infamous oil billionaires, the Koch Brothers.

Citizen Action continues the all out effort to block Scott Walker’s attack on workers rights and the middle class.

A mood of militancy is growing among workers in Wisconsin as Republican Governor Scott Walker deepens his attack on public sector employees and vital social programs: here.

Late Wednesday evening the Ohio Senate approved a bill that outlaws government workers’ right to strike and engage in collective bargaining, setting the stage for massive wage and benefit cuts: here.

More than a thousand people crowded in front of City Hall in Providence, Rhode Island to protest Mayor Angel Taveras’ mass firing of city teachers: here.

2 thoughts on “United States workers fight on

  1. Workers rally for labour rights

    ROMANIA: Seven thousand workers rallied in Pitesti today against a proposed Labour Code that would make it easier for bosses to fire people or demand that they work longer hours.

    Employees in the automobile and health sectors chanted that they would never accept the “code of slavery.”

    Unions staged smaller street protests in Cluj, Buzau, Sibiu, Bistrita, Calarasi and Galati Gorj.

    The government wants to pass the code in parliament next Tuesday.

    The opposition has threatened a no-confidence motion on the measure.




    Scott Walker has claimed a mandate for eliminating collective bargaining. But he is not telling the truth. In fact, he’s lying. How does BuzzFlash at Truthout know that?

    Because a “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel” Political Fact “truth-o-meter” rates Walker’s boast of running on his uncompromising anti-union stance a lie.

    After a thoughtful, carefully researched analysis of Walker’s claim, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found no record whatsoever of Walker even mentioning in his run for governor that he was planning to unilaterally prohibit collective bargaining (with some minor exceptions) for public employees. The Journal also found that Walker very specifically detailed what actions he would take in “60-plus specific” areas, but none of them related to public unions.

    Although Walker did indicate he would demand more “pay-in” from public unions for pensions and health care, he never, according to the Journal, mentioned basically ending collective bargaining and crippling unions in such devastating ways.

    In fact, in the infamous prank call with a man he thought was David Koch, Walker – just a few days ago – described his assault on collective bargaining as a “bomb.”

    In its lengthy investigation of the Walker claim that he had campaigned on his devastating anti-union “plan,” the Journal concludes:

    Walker contends he clearly “campaigned on” his union bargaining plan.

    But Walker, who offered many specific proposals during the campaign, did not go public with even the bare-bones of his multi-faceted plans to sharply curb collective bargaining rights. He could not point to any statements where he did. We could find none either.

    While Walker often talked about employees paying more for pensions and health care, in his budget-repair bill he connected it to collective bargaining changes that were far different from his campaign rhetoric in terms of how far his plan goes and the way it would be accomplished.

    We rate his statement False.

    Why does this matter?

    Because Walker claims he is acting on behalf of the people who elected him. But, in reality, he is pulling a bait-and-switch.

    In short, he is lying.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout


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