Shark babies in the Netherlands

This is a common smooth-hound shark video.

Translated from Den Helder Actueel in the Netherlands:

By Saskia van Kuik

3 March 2011

Den Helder – The common smooth-hound shark in Fort Kijkduin aquarium this Thursday gave birth to seven young sharks. A viviparous shark in an aquarium is unique. The babies are still swimming in a separate aquarium. The future will show whether all young sharks will survive.

“Seven sharks have been born, about 20 centimeter long and about 15 grams. Whether we will be able to keep them all alive we do not know yet. During their first days they will not starve, because they carry with them an internal yolk sac; however, during that time we have to activate their hunting instincts. ”


“We have arranged all the necessary crustaceans for them to feed them. Once we have them eating, we are one big step further. Right now, I estimate they have a fifty-fifty chance of survival, but of course we hope that all seven of them will live” says Wulffele [their keeper].

UPDATE 7 March 2010: unfortunately the babies were not eating and have died.

Smooth hound beached on Texel: here.

March 2010: Some shark species are able to navigate to specific locations up to 50km away, according to a new study: here.

The Marshall Islands place a moratorium on the trade and export of shark fins, closely following a ban by Guam: here.

Chile advances shark fin ban to Senate! Congrats to our @OceanaChile folks who helped make this happen! Here.

Five whale sharks rescued from fishing nets in India: here.

Swimming With Whale Sharks: here.

Researchers reveal that sharks are hygienic: here.

During the Afuera, hundreds of whale sharks gather off the Yucatán Peninsula for a feeding frenzy: here.

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