Bahrain anti-dictatorship fight continues

This video is called Security forces open fire on crowds in Manama – Bahrain.

Anti-government protests are continuing in the Persian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain. Demonstrators blockaded the National Assembly, Bahrain’s rubber-stamp parliament, on Monday. Crowds of thousands are still occupying Pearl Square, the focus for demonstrators in the capital city, Manama: here.

Fresh protests break out in Oman. Troops in Gulf state fire in the air on fourth day of rallies demanding jobs and political reform: here.

Oman deployed tanks on Tuesday to disperse workers who were blocking the port of Sohar to press their demand for jobs and decent wages: here.

Demonstrations in Yemen: here. And here.


6 thoughts on “Bahrain anti-dictatorship fight continues

  1. Prosecute killers, Amnesty urges

    Tunisia: Amnesty called on Tunisia’s interim government on Tuesday to prosecute those responsible for unlawful killings during the street protests that toppled former president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali.

    The United Nations estimates that 147 people died during the revolt and a further 78 people were killed in prison incidents linked to the December-January uprising.

    Amnesty activist Malcolm Smart said: “The new government must ensure that killings and serious allegations of abuse by the security forces are fully and independently investigated.”


    Cleric detained for monarchy advice

    Saudi Arabia: Authorities detained a Shi’ite cleric in the Eastern Province after he called for a constitutional monarchy and an end to corruption and discrimination, rights activists reported on Tuesday.

    Tawfiq al-Amir, who has been detained before for speaking out about religious freedom, made his call in a Friday sermon in the eastern town of Hafouf. Security police detained him on Sunday, according to local rights activist Mohammad Gabran.


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