One thought on “Wisconsin workers fight on


    How comfortable Marie Antoinette would feel with Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers.

    Let them [the masses] eat cake, indeed.

    As BuzzFlash has noted before, a key technique of the plutocracy is to consolidate wealth in the hands of a few, while dividing and conquering those who work for ever-decreasing hourly wages. A recent Truthout reader email recounted a conversation of two workers at a food store in Wisconsin who were “disparaging greedy public workers.”

    Remember that the corporate and individual wealth today is actually increasing because of a combination of cheaper labor in other nations, resulting in cheaper labor in America, and the increased percentage of business profits that come from sales overseas.

    Meanwhile, the former middle class – the hardcore poor don’t even get but a scintilla of media recognition anymore – is left to fight over scraps, or week-old pieces of cake.

    Walker and his radical, plutocratic, modern-day economic royalists want to return to the days when the lower class fought each other over a few crumbs.

    That is what was revealed in that conversation in what was probably a nonunion supermarket. The logic is clear: Walker represents the ideology that everyone but the richest Americans should be resigned to more work for lower pay.

    This divide-and-conquer strategy is reinforced by the right-wing media echo chamber.

    What we end up with are organizations of the rich pushing people who labor for a living into a race for the bottom.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout

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