Wisconsin workers fight on

This video from the USa is called Madison Capitol Unions March Evening of February 17.

Wisconsin, USA: Saturday’s demonstration in Madison against attacks on public employees was the largest of nearly two weeks of consecutive protests and continuous occupation of the state capitol building. At its peak in the afternoon, upwards of 100,000 demonstrators braved bitterly cold and snowy weather, completely filling the streets, sidewalks and lawn on Capitol Square, overflowing into side streets and packing to capacity the capitol itself: here.

Andy Kroll, TomDispatch: “The call reportedly arrived from Cairo. Pizza for the protesters, the voice said. It was Saturday, February 20th, and by then Ian’s Pizza on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin, was overwhelmed. One employee had been assigned the sole task of answering the phone and taking down orders. And in they came, from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, from Morocco, Haiti, Turkey, Belgium, Uganda, China, New Zealand, and even a research station in Antarctica. More than 50 countries around the globe. Ian’s couldn’t make pizza fast enough, and the generosity of distant strangers with credit cards was paying for it all”: here.

E.J. Dionne Jr.: “This is not the first time that Wisconsin has been at the center of national agitation over the role of unions. The earlier battle was staged in Sheboygan at Kohler, the legendary manufacturer of kitchen, bath and furniture products. The employees at Kohler had voted to join the United Auto Workers union, and a strike that began in April 1954 was not settled until the early 1960s”: here.

Perhaps as Many as 100,000 People Descended on Madison This Weekend, but You Might Not Know Unless You Watch Russian Television: here.

Poll shows everyone but those earning over £90k oppose Gov Walker’s assault on unions: here.

WI Governor acknowledged he discussed hiring “troublemakers” to disrupt peaceful demonstrations against his bill: here.

Top Ten Disastrous Policies From the Wisconsin GOP You Haven’t Heard About: here.

1 thought on “Wisconsin workers fight on


    How comfortable Marie Antoinette would feel with Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers.

    Let them [the masses] eat cake, indeed.

    As BuzzFlash has noted before, a key technique of the plutocracy is to consolidate wealth in the hands of a few, while dividing and conquering those who work for ever-decreasing hourly wages. A recent Truthout reader email recounted a conversation of two workers at a food store in Wisconsin who were “disparaging greedy public workers.”

    Remember that the corporate and individual wealth today is actually increasing because of a combination of cheaper labor in other nations, resulting in cheaper labor in America, and the increased percentage of business profits that come from sales overseas.

    Meanwhile, the former middle class – the hardcore poor don’t even get but a scintilla of media recognition anymore – is left to fight over scraps, or week-old pieces of cake.

    Walker and his radical, plutocratic, modern-day economic royalists want to return to the days when the lower class fought each other over a few crumbs.

    That is what was revealed in that conversation in what was probably a nonunion supermarket. The logic is clear: Walker represents the ideology that everyone but the richest Americans should be resigned to more work for lower pay.

    This divide-and-conquer strategy is reinforced by the right-wing media echo chamber.

    What we end up with are organizations of the rich pushing people who labor for a living into a race for the bottom.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout


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