Pro-democracy mass movements continue

Tribal Leader’s Resignation Is Blow to Yemeni President: here.

US and Europe step up preparations for intervention in Libya: here.

Iraq “day of rage” protests shake US occupation regime: here.

Iraq: Security Forces Raid Press Freedom Group: here.

This is a Dutch TV video on demonstrations in Iraq.

1000s take to streets in still occupied Iraq. Obama silent as over 20 protesters killed by US placeman Maliki: here.

The wave of revolution that started in Tunisia is now also reaching Iraq, where the Kurdish areas had already flared up last week. But the protests are not limited to these areas. On Friday an anti-government rally named the Day of Rage, was organised in Baghdad and other cities with thousands taking part: here.

Qaddafi, Bush and the Iraq Big Lie: here.

New mass protests against US-backed regimes in Egypt and Yemen: here.

List of the main protests planned for this weekend in Morocco: here.

From Twitter:

Morocco: Chayeb Karim, beaten up by police forces in Sefrou during #Feb20 peaceful protests, succumbed to his wounds on Feb 23. RIP.

Egypt’s ruling military council apologised on Saturday after military police beat protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square overnight. Activists still called for more protests to denounce violence by the authorities: here.

The spirit of Tahrir lives on in Egypt‘s factories: here.

After bloodbath in Bahrain, protesters return, take over square: here.

The Arab world has been a US domain for 50 years. America chose to govern through brutal and corrupt dictators, supplied with arms, military training and advice from Washington. It now looks as if 2011 will mark the removal of many of those client regimes, and it is unlikely that events will take the tidy path the White House would prefer: here.

Facing economic ruin and food shortages, and inspired by the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, people in the rest of Africa are taking to the streets. This year will see elections in 20 African nations, including Nigeria and Zimbabwe. Real change, however, looks set to happen outside the polling stations: here.

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