Iraqi democrats killed

This video says about itself:

Kurds in London protest about the way Kurdish security forces in Sulaymaniah killed two Protesters and injured close to 50 people on 17 Feb 2011.

Kurdistan Regional Government office was blocked by Protesters at Winchester House on Edgware Road.

Soldiers and riot police fired on citizens rallying for jobs, public services and clean government across occupied Iraq on Friday, killing at least 13 civilians and wounding many more: here.

More than a 100 protesters descended on the US embassy in London today to show their solidarity for anti-government demonstrations across Iraq: here.

Human rights lawyers accused the government yesterday of misleading the High Court in its bid to prevent a full public inquiry into allegations of abuse by British troops in Iraq: here.

An Iraqi court convicted a British “security contractor” today and sentenced him to 20 years in prison for killing two of his colleagues in Baghdad’s Green Zone: here.

5 thoughts on “Iraqi democrats killed

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