Baby beaded lizards in Amsterdam zoo

Beaded lizard

In the reptile house of Artis zoo in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, three baby beaded lizards have hatched. The eggs had been laid five months ago. Artis is the only zoo in Europe where this reptile species reproduces.

Britain: March 2011. Forestry Commission rangers and reptile experts have teamed up to boost the woodland habitat for the West Midland’s populations of snakes and lizards.

A new species of Dibamus (Squamata: Dibamidae) [legless lizard] from Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary, southwestern Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia: here.

No limbs or sight needed: bizarre new lizard uncovered in Cambodia: here.

Blind, Legless Lizard Discovered—New Species. Unusual reptile first of its kind in Cambodia, experts say: here.

Lax reporting fuels illegal reptile trade: here.

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