Wisconsin pro-democracy fight continuing

This video is called Madison, Wisconsin: Wisconsin protesters fights for their rights at the State Capitol.

From the USA: William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: “Governor Walker of Wisconsin got up on his hind legs on Monday and blasted public-sector unions for being wasteful. He made it very clear that he intends to continue his push to abolish collective bargaining in his state, which basically means he intends to abolish unions in his state. The polls are not with him, the people are not with him, and a number of Republicans in the legislature look to be going soft on the whole deal, but don’t tell Walker that. He thinks he’s going to get his way on this, so he can be the big conservative hero, the one who abolished unions, thus setting a trend to be followed in more than a dozen other states”: here.

Lee Fang, ThinkProgress: “As ThinkProgress has reported, the global conglomerate Koch Industries not only helped elect Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), but is the leading force orchestrating his union-busting campaign. Koch gave Walker over $43,000 in direct donations and its allies aired millions of dollars worth of attack ads against his Democratic opponent. Then, Koch political operatives pressured Walker to crush labor unions as one of his first priorities”: here.

Indiana Official Wants “Live Ammunition” Used Against Wisconsin Protesters: here.

Ohio: Today was a historic day in Columbus. Today was the first time in my lifetime in which average citizens were denied access to go inside the Statehouse while the legislature was in session. It was done on the flimsiest of excuses (more on that later): here.

3 thoughts on “Wisconsin pro-democracy fight continuing


    “One of the most elemental human rights [is] the right to belong to a free trade union.” -Ronald Reagan


    In this Ronald Reagan presidential address on October 19, 1982, is President Reagan rebuking the Soviet government of Poland or Scott Walker? Read it and honestly decide if Republican “Saint” Reagan’s condemning words equally apply to Walker. They do:

    Yesterday the Polish Government, a military dictatorship, took another far-reaching step in their persecution of their own people. They declared Solidarity, the organization of the working men and women of Poland, their free union, illegal.

    Yes, I know Poland is a faraway country in Eastern Europe. Still, this action is a matter of profound concern to all the American people and to the free world.

    Ever since martial law was brutally imposed last December, Polish authorities have been assuring the world that they’re interested in a genuine reconciliation with the Polish people. But the Polish regime’s action yesterday reveals the hollowness of its promises. By outlawing Solidarity, a free trade organization to which an overwhelming majority of Polish workers and farmers belong, they have made it clear that they never had any intention of restoring one of the most elemental human rights – the right to belong to a free trade union.

    The so-called new trade union legislation under which this contrary and backward step has been taken claims to substitute a structure and framework for the establishment of free trade unions in Poland. But the free world can see this is only a sham. It is clear that such unions, if formed, will be mere extensions of the Polish Communist Party.

    BuzzFlash repeats: this is from a Reagan presidential address, the transcript of which you can read here . BuzzFlash repeats this statement from Reagan’s address (emphasis added): “They [the Soviet Polish government] have made it clear that they never had any intention of restoring one of the most elemental human rights – the right to belong to a free trade union.”

    In suppressing trade unionism and collective bargaining, threatening to use the national guard to suppress the tens of thousands trade union protesters in Wisconsin, in sending out the state police to pursue Democrats who are standing up for Regan’s words in defense of trade unionism and threatening to fire workers if the unions don’t agree to give up collective bargaining – among other betrayals to Reagan’s words – Walker is committing the No. 1 unforgivable Republican crime: He’s defiling the legacy of Reagan.

    In fact, in this 1981 television presidential address (which begins with some warm and fuzzy words about Christmas), Reagan championed the Solidarity trade union and its rights in the most vigorous of words.

    In fact, in his 1982 statement, Reagan even discussed how the Solidarity Union sought God-given rights.

    So, is Walker not only throwing mud at Reagan, but also defying God?

    If you don’t think so, don’t take it up with BuzzFlash at Truthout. Take it up with Reagan, because he’s the one who said it.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout


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