Wisconsin, other US workers fight on

This video from the USA says about itself:

Labor Protests to Defend Collective Bargaining Rights Spread to Ohio.

Demonstrations continued in the state capital of Madison, Wisconsin on Tuesday while protests inspired by the stand taken by Wisconsin workers spread to other states across the country, including Indiana and Ohio: here.

Walker Whacks Wisconsin Taxpayers With Bill for Wackenhut After Illegally Asserting Powers: here.

About 5,000 workers protested at the statehouse in Columbus, Ohio against a bill advanced by Governor John Kasich that would require workers to negotiate contracts as individuals and would raise contributions for health care coverage: here.

New York’s budget for the next fiscal year includes cutbacks in senior centers and fire stations as well as layoffs of teachers and other city workers: here.

Prichard, Alabama, an industrial town near Mobile that is home to 28,000, has attracted national media attention for non-payment of pension obligations to 147 retired city employees, 14 of whom have died since their checks stopped coming in September, 2009: here.

Poor or non-existent laws are harming millions of US workers with families, Human Rights Watch said today: here.

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