Iraqi Kurds fight for democracy

This video says about itself:

17 February 2011

Two killed in Iraqi Kurdistan protest: SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq( کوردستانپۆست ئینفۆ ‌) reported — Two protesters were killed Thursday when security forces fired into the air to disperse an anti-government march in Sulaimaniyah, in Iraq’s northern Kurdish region, a doctor said.

“We have received two dead bodies, both of which received gunshots, and are treating more than 47 other people,” said the doctor in Sulaimaniyah province’s health department, on condition of anonymity.

He said the two protesters killed were men aged 18 and 25. All of the other casualties were also male, but he did not give further details.

The protesters had been attempting to storm the local offices of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of regional president Massud Barzani, prompting security forces to fire into the air to disperse the crowd.

Nearly 3,000 people, the majority of them younger than 30, had been marching towards the headquarters of the KDP and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) of Iraqi president Jalal Talabani, the two parties that have lorded over the autonomous region for decades.

While on the way to the two parties’ offices, the protesters chanted, “Government resign”, “Work for the unemployed” and “The corrupt must face justice”.

The demonstrators began throwing stones at the two buildings, which lie near each other in the centre of Sulaimaniyah, 270 kilometres (170 miles) north of Baghdad, and then attempted to storm the KDP headquarters.

At that point, security fired their weapons into the air, and members of the local Asayesh forces and policemen have taken positions on the street.

Iraq: Around 5,000 demonstrators crowded Kurdish city Sulaimaniyah‘s main square on Tuesday, demanding democratic reforms and a probe into the killings of two protesters last week: here.

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