Indians against privatisation

This video is called The Indian Economic Crisis and the Role of the Communist Party.

Another video says about itself:

New Delhi, Oct 16 2007: Activists of the Communist Party of India today took out a demonstration in New Delhi to protest the rising prices of essential commodities. Hundreds of activists, carrying red flags and armed with dozens of placards, walked the streets of the national capital, demanding that inflation be checked. They said rise in costs was proving to be a huge problem for people across the country.

India: Hundreds of thousands of workers gathered outside parliament in New Delhi today to demand the United Progressive Alliance government end privatisation and rein in the soaring cost of essential goods.

See also here.

Thousands of people living with HIV and cancer rallied in New Delhi today to protest against a planned trade deal between India and the European Union that could restrict access to affordable medicines: here.

Sacked Indian workers burn factory boss in his car: here.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh released the results of a survey today which indicated that 42 per cent of children in India under the age of five are underweight and the growth of nearly 60 per cent is stunted: here.

4 thoughts on “Indians against privatisation

  1. Building collapse in Delhi kills 7

    India: At least seven people were killed in a building collapse on Tuesday night in the old centre of New Delhi.

    Locals feared more may still be trapped in the rubble.

    The three-storey building came down when most people were eating dinner or getting read for bed in Old Delhi, an historic but very crowded and dilapidated area.

    Poor-quality construction material and inadequate foundations are often blamed for collapses in India. A building collapse in November killed 70 people in the capital, where land prices and rents have soared thanks to a population quickly increasing with migrants seeking work.


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