7 thoughts on “New Zealand earthquake disaster

  1. Relatives object to slow response

    New Zealand: Distraught relatives desperate for news of loved ones missing in the quake-devastated city of Christchurch asked officials on Friday why it was taking so long to identify bodies pulled from the debris.

    The official death toll continued to climb, rising to 113. Officials said that no-one had been pulled out alive since an initial 70 rescues from collapsed buildings in the first 25 hours after Tuesday’s magnitude 6.3 tremor.

    Foreign Minister Murray McCully said the rescue phase involving hundreds of police, soldiers and others was drawing to an end and he was preparing to give families from several countries “the worst type of news.”


  2. ‘Marmageddon’ Down Under

    NEW ZEALAND: Prime Minister John Key outraged Marmite lovers on Tuesday when he acknowledged that supplies of the yeast-extract spread were “very short” and advised them to buy Australian-made Vegemite instead.

    Marmite manufacturer Sanitarum said its reserves of the product had run out this week, four months after an earthquake knocked out the only factory which produces it.

    New Zealand Marmite is made differently from the British version so imports are not an option.

    Supermarket chains confirmed there was a run on the product and blogs and newspapers warned of impending “Marmageddon.”


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