Pro-democracy mass movements continue

This video is about oppression in Bahrain.

MOTORSPORT: The opening race of the new Formula One season in Bahrain was officially called off today: here.

Bahrain protests a worry for US and its fifth fleet: here.

Thousands of people staged rallies across Morocco over the weekend to demand limits on King Mohammed VI’s power: here.

Fresh Protests Hit Iraqi Cities: here.

Global Voices: Kuwait: Stateless ‘Bedoun’ Demand Rights: here.

England: Dozens of solidarity activists protested outside the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in London today following the recent killing of demonstrators in Iraqi Kurdistan: here.

I bet Hillary Clinton regrets this photo op with Qaddafi’s 4th and most evil son: here.

Uri Avnery on why Israel and the West should declare solidarity with Arab nations in their struggle for freedom: here.

Unrest in sub-Saharan Africa: here.

Authors in Italy fight political censorship: here.

USA: For protesting Wisconsin public-sector workers, the battle is all about defending their rights.

Wisc. troopers would ‘absolutely’ use force on protesters if ordered, police union prez tells Raw Story: here.

AFL-CIO: Tom Morello Headlines Concert for Wisconsin Workers Tonight: here.

Bringing Home 150 Troops from Afghanistan Would Fix Wisconsin’s Budget “Crisis”: here.

Crashing the Tea Party Rally in Madison: here.

1 thought on “Pro-democracy mass movements continue

  1. Ben Ali could be extradited

    TUNISIA: The foreign ministry announced on Sunday that it is seeking the extradition of former president Zine al-Abedine Ben Ali from Saudi Arabia to face charges related to the violent crackdown on protesters last month.

    Tunisia wants to try him over his role in the deaths of protesters killed by security forces during the uprising, which ended his decades-long rule.


    Muslim leader plans to go home

    BAHRAIN: An exiled Shi’ite leader said today that he plans to return home, as mainly Shi’ite protesters in Manama’s Pearl Square continue to demand a new government.

    Haq movement leader Hassan Mushaimaa, tried in absentia in Bahrain for attempting to topple the US-backed government, said he would fly back from London tomorrow.

    Mr Mushaimaa’s Facebook page said he wanted to “see if this leadership is serious about dialogue” and whether it will arrest him.


    Military unveils new cabinet

    EGYPT: The ruling junta unveiled a new cabinet today that includes several opponents of the former president, although his ministers still hold key jobs.

    The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s most organised political group which was banned from forming a political party under Hosni Mubarak, said it was not invited to join the cabinet and dismissed the reshuffle, saying Mr Mubarak’s ministers must go.

    Mr Mubarak reshuffled his cabinet two weeks before he stepped down on February 11.


    Museveni wins ‘sham’ vote

    UGANDA: The Electoral Commission has declared incumbent President Yoweri Museveni the winner of Friday’s general elections, extending his 25 years in power.

    He won 68.38 per cent of the vote, which the opposition called a “sham.”
    Mr Museveni, the ruling National Resistance Movement candidate, has ruled the country since 1986.


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