Moroccans die, pro-democracy struggle continues

This video from Morocco says about itself:

11 February 2011

Demonstrations in Rabat subsequent to Mubarak stepping down, celebrating and cheering: it is only the beginning.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Morocco riots leave five dead

Initial protests pass off peacefully but bank blaze kills five with scores injured and detained as trouble flares in deprived suburbs

A Moroccan man carries an Egyptian flag in one hand, and one featuring an image of Che Guevara in the other, during a protest in Rabat, Morocco, on February 19, 2011. Demonstrators came out on the eve of a kingdom-wide protest called for by young Moroccans organising the rally on the social networking site Facebook. Protestors are demanding broad political reforms and have gathered thousands of supporters on the Web site: here.

2 thoughts on “Moroccans die, pro-democracy struggle continues

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