Wisconsin and the extreme Right Koch fat cats

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16 February 2011

Over 13,000 angry union supporters gathered at the capital building in Madison, Wisconsin for a 17-hour public hearing on the issue. The protestors are calling for opposition to the bill, and an end to Walker’s governorship as a whole.

Lisa Graves, PR Watch in the USA: “A new investigation by the Center for Media and Democracy documents the big money funneled by one of the richest men in America and one of the richest corporations in the world to put controversial Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in office. Walker was elected just over three months ago on the heels of an exceptionally expensive gubernatorial race in the Badger State, fueled by groups funded by the Koch brothers, David and Charles. David Koch, the son of a radical founding member of the John Birch Society, which has long been obsessed with claims about socialism and advocated the repeal of civil rights laws, personally donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association (RGA) in June of last year. The RGA in turn spent $5 million in the race, mostly on TV ads attacking Walker‘s political opponent, Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett”: here.

Scott Walker Padded Salary Increases for Cronies During Budgetary Distress: 24% Salary Increase for Aide with 2 Public Pensions: here.

The 45 Best Protest Signs At The Wisconsin Capitol: here.

Sarah Van Gelder, YES! Magazine: “The uprising that swept Tunisia, Egypt, and parts of Europe is showing signs of blossoming across the United States. In Wisconsin, public employees and their supporters are drawing the line at Governor Scott Walker’s plan to eliminate collective bargaining and unilaterally cut benefits. School teachers, university students, firefighters, and others descended on the capital in the tens of thousands, and even the Superbowl champion Green Bay Packers have weighed in against the bill. Protests against similar anti-union measures are ramping up in Ohio. Meanwhile, another protest movement aimed at protecting the poor and middle class is in the works. Cities around the country are preparing for a February 26 Day of Action, ‘targeting corporate tax dodgers'”: here.

The unrest in Wisconsin this week over Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to cut the bargaining rights and benefits of public workers is spreading to other states: here.

“Egypt Supports Wisconsin Workers”: here.

20 thoughts on “Wisconsin and the extreme Right Koch fat cats


    This 157-page report explains why J. Edgar Hoover and senior FBI
    officials within the Bureau’s Domestic Intelligence Division concluded
    in FBI memos that the JBS was “extremist”, “irrational” and



    Contrary to claims made by the Birch Society about the alleged
    “left-wing” origins of JBS criticism, the most potent adverse comments
    about the JBS have always originated from the right-side of the
    political spectrum. This report presents a representative sample of such



    This report presents documents which, generally, have never been
    previously publicly available — including private correspondence
    between Robert Welch and numerous individuals and correspondence by JBS
    National Council members during the formative years of the Birch
    Society. This report is a work-in-progress and considerable new material
    will be added over the next few months.


    Two former FBI Special Agents who endorsed the Birch Society after they
    retired from the FBI are often cited by Birch Society members and
    supporters as knowledgeable, reliable, and authoritative sources of
    information on the communist movement.

    However, their FBI personnel files reveal that senior FBI officials did
    not have a very high regard for their post-FBI endeavors.

    In the case of Cleon Skousen, his FBI career was predominantly
    administrativeassignments — not internal security-related
    investigations and he was not, as his admirers claim, “a top aide” to
    Hoover nor was he considered an authority about communism-related
    matters while he served in the FBI. In fact, he never even worked in
    the FBI Division (Division 5) whose primary focus was internal
    security-related cases.

    In the case of Dan Smoot, just prior to his retirement from the FBI he
    was censured, placed on probation, and transferred to a small,
    insignificant field office as a disciplinary measure.

    Both reports include detailed critiques of statements and assertions
    made by these former FBI Special Agents.





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