Pro-democracy struggles continue

This video says about itself:

April 22, 2011

Amber Lyon‘s CNN report on flagrant human rights abuse in Bahrain. Richard Sollum of Physicians for Human Rights calls it the worst they’ve ever seen. Bahraini security forces intimidate and torture hospitalized opposition members.

Protesters camped out in Manama’s Pearl Square today to maintain pressure on Bahrain‘s US-allied monarchy to open meaningful talks with the opposition after nearly a week of protests and a bloody crackdown: here.

Bahrain protesters’ anger focused on privileges granted to forces: here.

British trade unionists got behind their comrades fighting for rights in the Arab world today with a message of solidarity to their counterparts in Bahrain: here.

Britain: Stop the War Coalition convener Lindsey German welcomed at the weekend the ongoing upsurge for democratic rights in Egypt and other Arab states, insisting on the need for all dictators to be removed: here.

Egypt: Workers stop an NDP [Mubarak’s party] regrouping meeting in Alexandria: here.

Arab world protests continue in Bahrain, Yemen and Morocco – in pictures: here.

This is a Dutch TV video on the protests in Morocco.

Libyan militiamen fired machine-guns at mourners marching in a funeral for anti-government protesters in Benghazi today, a day after soldiers used assault rifles and other heavy weaponry against demonstrating civilians: here.

Staff at Egypt‘s largest factory have vowed to remain on strike in defiance of warnings by the ruling junta that it will now “confront” workers who “pose a danger to the nation”: here.

USA: Around 70,000 working people converged on Wisconsin’s State Capitol on Saturday for the fifth consecutive day of protests against a Republican plan to scrap the collective bargaining rights of public-sector staff: here.

Britain: TUC general secretary Brendan Barber revealed today that he has sent messages of solidarity to US workers fighting against right-wing policitians’ attacks on their union rights: here.

3 thoughts on “Pro-democracy struggles continue

  1. TV station torched by gunmen

    IRAQ: Militiamen burst into a television station in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region today, shooting up the equipment and setting fire to the building.

    A group of 40 to 50 gunmen attacked the headquarters of NRT television in Sulaimaniyah.

    The attack was apparently in retaliation for footage that it aired earlier in the week of a protest in which Kurdish President Massoud Barzani’s security forces killed two people.

    Demo insists on new constitution

    MOROCCO: Around 3,000 people marched through Rabat today to demand a new constitution that would bolster the rights of citizens in the kingdom.

    Demonstrators shouted slogans calling for economic opportunity, educational reform, better health services and help in coping with rising living costs during the march on central Hassan II Avenue.

    Some plainclothes police officers mingled in the crowd but police were generally discreet in the latest demonstration in the Arab world.


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