NATO kills 64 Afghan civilians

This video from the USA says about itself:

American Soldier Christopher Winfield is being charged with murder after he was ordered to shoot an innocent Afghan civilian (he claims he purposely shot high to miss the man).

Winfield’s Staff Sgt., Calvin Gibbs, who, along with Cpl. Jeremy Morlock, is accused of taking part in all three killings, threatened to kill Winfield on several occasions if he told anyone about the incidents. Sergeant Gibbs collected fingers and other body parts from Afghan corpses, slaughtered animals indiscriminately and hoarded illicitly obtained weapons he could drop near civilian bodies to make them appear to be combatants, according to charges filed by Army prosecutors and statements soldiers in the platoon made to investigators.

From Reuters:

Governor says NATO, Afghan forces kill 64 civilians

20 Feb 2011 10:07

* Civilians killed by ground and air strikes – governor

* U.N. report says civilian casualties up 20 pct in 2010

* NATO-led force says investigating reports

By Rohullah Anwari

ASADABAD, Afghanistan, Feb 20 – Joint operations by Afghan forces and NATO-led foreign troops have killed 64 civilians in eastern Kunar province, including many women and children, over the past four days, the provincial governor said.

“They were killed by ground and air strikes in Ghazi Abad district,” Fazlullah Wahidi, governor of Kunar province, told Reuters on Sunday.

Wahidi said 20 of the dead were women, 29 were children or young adults aged 7 to 20, and the remaining 15 were adult men.

Civilian casualties in NATO-led military operations, often caused by air strikes and night raids, have long been a source of friction between the Afghan government and its Western partners.

Videos taken by Reuters television in a hospital in the provincial capital, Asadabad, showed two children being treated for leg wounds alongside two wounded women.

“There has been ongoing operations in different parts of Ghazni Abad for the last three days,” said a man who identified himself as Ibrahim, a resident in Elgal village in Ghazi Abad.

He said “bombardments” had killed 12 men, about 30 children and 10 women.

Another villager, Farhad, said 62 civilians had been killed.

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2 thoughts on “NATO kills 64 Afghan civilians

  1. NATO air raids killed 50 civilians, says Hamid Karzai

    AFP, Feb 20, 2011, 10.25pm IST

    ASADABAD: President Hamid Karzai on Sunday accused NATO troops of killing more than 50 civilians in a troubled province of eastern Afghanistan, as international troops pledged to probe the allegations.

    Karzai’s statement followed comments by Fazilullah Wahidi, provincial governor of Kunar province, alleging US-led NATO forces had killed up to 63 people, including women and children in airstrikes on suspected rebels.

    Citing information from Afghanistan’s spy agency and local officials Karzai said “about 50 civilians have been martyred during international military forces operations in Ghaziabad district in Kunar province.”

    Adding that he “strongly condemns” the deaths, Karzai pledged to send investigators to the remote district.

    Wahidi earlier told AFP that most of the dead were civilians including 20 women, three elderly men and a number of children.

    They were killed mostly in air raids by the ISAF against suspected rebels in Kunar province’s Ghaziabad district, a remote mountainous region at the feet of the Hindu Kush ranges, he added.


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