Moroccans demonstrate for democracy

A group of bloggers, who call themselves “Moroccan movement of 20 February” call for protests in Morocco on 20 February. This is their Internet video calling for the demonstrations; now with English subtitles.

From AFP news agency:

Thousands join Morocco protest rallies

1 hour ago

RABAT — Several thousand people rallied in Moroccan cities on Sunday demanding political reform and limits on the powers of the king, the latest protests demanding change to have rocked the region.

Over 2,000 people took to the streets of the capital Rabat, 4,000 according to the organisers, shouting: “The people want change.”

In Casablanca, the North African nation’s biggest city, over 1,000 people came out demanding: “Freedom, dignity, justice,” an AFP correspondent reported.

The demonstrations were peaceful as of midday.

“I want a Morocco that’s more fair and with less corruption,” said a student demonstrator in Casablanca who asked not to be named.

“We’ve got nothing against the king, but we want more justice and work,” said another student who gave his name as Brahim.

Thousands of young Moroccans have joined the “February 20” movement on the social networking site Facebook, calling for peaceful demonstrations demanding a new constitution limiting the king’s powers and more social justice.

The call has similar origins to the so-called “Facebook revolutions” that toppled decades-old regimes in Tunisia and Egypt and sparked deadly protests in Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria and Morocco.

Probably they mean some country other than Morocco, as earlier in this article AFP says the Morocco protest is peaceful.

Ahead of the protest, Morocco promised to inject 1.4 billion euros in subsidies to soften price hikes for staples — a key factor among others including rampant unemployment behind the spreading unrest in the Arab world.

That came despite an earlier reassurance that Morocco was unlikely to see Tunisia or Egypt-style unrest due to ongoing reforms by King Mohammed VI who has ruled the country for over a decade.

Human rights and civil groups as well as independent journalists joined the movement, calling for the adoption of a democratic constitution.

According to Dutch daily De Volkskrant, the demonstrators came in spite of the weather being very bad.

This is a video of the demonstration in Rabat today.

Thousands protest in Morocco: Demonstrators demand large-scale political and economic reforms in the North African country: here.

Shots fired at Yemen demonstration. Leader of Yemen’s separatist movement arrested in Aden amid countrywide protests against President Saleh: here.

2 thoughts on “Moroccans demonstrate for democracy

  1. AAPSO Secretariat issued the following press release:

    The Egyptian Revolution

    Egypt’s youth fulfilled a revolution in a civilized peaceful manner unique in the history of Egypt or Arab region and in the history of the world. Millions have participated in this revolution seeking freedom, dignity and social justice.

    Egyptian people revolted in a revolution for democracy and social justice. As the Egyptian army stood behind the peoples’ supporting and strengthening them in practice, it was the revolution of Egypt as a whole.

    The Egyptian civilization, Revival and recovery present a great example of peaceful change and transition of power by the wish of people as the source of authorities.

    Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Organization supports the struggle the Egyptian people and its army wishing them all the best for democratic society.

    Long live Egypt Free, Independent and Democratic


    Press release

    The revival of the Moroccan Committee for the Afro-Asian solidarity and the renewal of its formation

    Last Tuesday, the Socialist Union headquarters in Rabat, a meeting was held to restructure the Moroccan Solidarity Committee, a constituent member in the Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization (its headquarters in Cairo whose president writer Ahmed Hamroush, one of the Free Officers of the Revolution 1952 and its Iraqi militant Secretary-General Nouri Abdul Razzak). The Moroccan Committee for Solidarity is headed by Mr. Abdul Wahid El-Radi since established and later by Mr. Muhammad El-Wafa.

    The meeting was attended by members of party leaders: independent, progressives and socialists and the Socialist Union of Popular Forces, resulted in the formation of a new Committee as follows: Committee Coordinator: Talea El-Saud El-Atlasy, Vice Coordinator Mustafa Libraemy and Abdul Ilah El-Buzidy.

    The Members are Samira Quraish, Badeaa El-Rady, Sharafat Afilal, Sheba Maa El-Ainean, Crain Mohammed El-Abiad, Crain Mohammed, Hassan Tariq, Abdul Hamid El-Gamaheery, Abdul Gabar El-Rashidy and Abdul Hakim Karman.

    The Committee assigned Badeaa El-Rady, Abdul Hakim Karman and Abdul Gabar El-Rashidy to be the Executive Secretaries of the Committee.

    The meeting deliberated the preparatory steps for convening a conference for Arab solidarity committees in Marrakech in the middle of next spring, according to the decision of the Arab Committees conference in Damascus last June.


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