Bahrain, other pro-democracy movements continue

This video is called Protesters Retake Pearl Square in Bahrain.

Michael Slackman and Jack Healy, The New York Times News Service: “Protesters in Bahrain fought past riot policemen who sprayed them with tear gas and shot at them with rubber bullets Saturday, retaking a central square and leading the country’s crown prince to say he had ordered the army out of the area. The announcement set off a wave of jubilation among the thousands of protesters in Pearl Square, the heart of the country’s uprising, and added new pressures for shaken governments in Libya, Algeria and Yemen as they made new moves to stifle protests”: here.

Bahrain protesters remain in square: Hundreds of pro-reform supporters spend night at landmark junction: here.

General strike in Bahrain: here.

This is a Dutch TV video about demonstrators sleeping on Lulu roundabout in Bahrain.

Yemen: Another Life Claimed on Eighth Day of Protests: here.

Egypt Takes a Step Back From IMF Ways: here.

Robert Fisk: These are secular popular revolts – yet everyone is blaming religion: here.

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