Movement for democracy continues

Hundreds of thousands of flag-waving Egyptians packed into Tahrir Square for a day of prayer and celebration today to mark the fall of long-time leader Hosni Mubarak: here.

Egyptian Uprising Fueled by Striking Workers Across Nation: here.

After Nasser’s Death Sadat Turned Egypt into a US Client State: here.

This video from Yemen is called YEMEN: Day of rage (Yemen revolution) 3 February 2011.

Fourth person dies in Friday protests in Yemen – Reuters: here.

Anti-government demonstrators in Yemen‘s capital Sanaa clashed with riot police today on what organisers called a “Friday of rage” across the country: here.

Protesters calling for the provincial governor to resign blocked a bridge in the Iraqi city of Basra today: here.

This video is called Bahrain authorities out of control as violence continues.

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in the tiny east African nation of Djibouti today to demand that the president steps down after two terms: here.

Djiboutians rally to oust president: Police use tear gas to disperse thousands demonstrating in East African nation: here.

The sale of British “anti-riot” machine guns, assault rifles and other weapons to to oppressive regimes in the Middle east and Africa must be stopped, human rights groups said today: here.

Imperialism today: here.

Israeli Leadership Fears Arab Popular Democracy: here.

3 thoughts on “Movement for democracy continues

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